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growth change evolution

How to change and grow?

Our life is one of change and evolution, even though we often resist change.

We need a practical method to support change - to let go of old habits, fears and unwanted patterns - in a way that is deep and permanent.

The daily practice of 'cleaning' in Sahaj Marg removes impurities and complexities, so that we can evolve.

simplicity balance integration

How to calm the mind?

We are bombarded from all sides most of the time, and it affects the very fabric of our lives, our quality of sleep, and our mental and physical wellbeing.

We need time for ourselves, to be in touch with the simplicity and beauty of the inner Self. Balance, harmony and integration naturally follow.

The daily practice of heart-based meditation takes us to our centre of our being, leading to balance, simplicity and integration.

joy heart feel

How to find lasting happiness?

We usually look for happiness externally: through family and friends, work and worldly pursuits. Sometimes we find it, but when the reasons for happiness are gone, the happiness goes with them.

Lasting happiness is not dependent on outer circumstances, but is found within us and gives life a deeper purpose. Through the heart we discover a dimension of our existence with limitless potential.

We experience real joy through heart-based meditation with yogic transmission.

raja yoga mind

Raja Yoga is yoga of the mind, through meditation.

In Raja Yoga, the mind is purified so that it is a perfect instrument for the heart's evolution.

Sahaj Marg is Raja Yoga refined and simplified for modern life. It is a daily routine and balances the material and spiritual aspects of existence.

Meditate with yogic transmission.

Sahaj Marg practice uses the ancient method of yogic transmission, pranahuti, to regulate the mind, expand consciousness and explore the inner universe of feelings and beyond. Transmission is at the heart of Sahaj Marg and gives life to meditation.

towards infinity oneness

When have you felt drawn to something greater than yourself?

We have always had a deep yearning to understand who we are, why we are here, where have we come from and where are we going. This yearning has been at the base of all religious, scientific and philosophical enquiry throughout human history.

The wonder of the spiritual journey.

Through meditation on the Source of Light in the heart, we explore our own inner universe that has no beginning and no end. This exploration becomes part of daily life, adding another dimension to life and leading us to the oneness of all existence.

The Practice

Sahaj Marg means the Natural Path. It is a journey into the heart, the inner Self.

Sahaj Marg is learned through the Heartfulness approach, which is scientific and based on personal experience.

It starts with Relaxation and Meditation with and without yogic transmission, so that you experience the effects of transmission for yourself.

When you are ready, you can then also learn the basic yogic practices of Cleaning and Prayer, and continue with further practices as and when you are ready.

How to start?

If you are over the age of fifteen, you can be introduced to the practice of Sahaj Marg by a preceptor.

Preceptors practice Sahaj Marg themselves and have been permitted to provide ongoing support and training to others who practice, on a voluntary basis. There are preceptors in over one hundred countries around the world. If you wish to start, please submit your contact details on this page and they will be given to a local preceptor who will contact you by phone or email.

The introduction involves a minimum of three meditation sittings. This is required before you can practice Sahaj Marg on your own. There are no fees or charges, either to start or to continue the practice.

Sahaj Marg has helped hundreds of thousands of spiritual seekers around the world.

We invite you to try the practice and experience the benefits for yourself. All the best on your spiritual journey!

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